About Evolution Water and Lighting Solutions

Solutions from the start

Established in 2008, Evolution Water and Lighting Solutions are the fastest growing pool and spa equipment wholesaler, distributor, repairer and manufacturer in Queensland. We excel in providing an extensive range of reliable products backed by our high standards of quality and vigilance to product performance.

As a proudly Australian company, we continually seek to expand our innovative product range and build upon our trusted brands. The renowned Evo range of products includes Evochlor Chlorinators, Evoflow Pumps, Evoclear Filters, Evoclear Glass Media, Evoclean Pool Cleaners and Evopool Accessories. In 2018 we were pleased to announce the release of the Evopure range of premium Pool & Spa chemicals.

Serving customers throughout all areas of Queensland and Northern New South Wales, we are proud of our long term customer relationships and ability to continually exceed expectations with our professional service, support and advice. Our experienced team is committed to providing your business with superior product knowledge, along with our professional service and competitive pricing.

Effective Service

Evolution Water and Lighting Solutions provides effective solutions for your business with a full range of services to get your job done faster and with less hassle. Our growing sales team can provide onsite product delivery and expert knowledge to help you ensure a thorough and effective product handover.

Our in-house Repairs and Service department is the leading repair team for Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Evolution’s experienced technicians can diagnose, service and repair a complete range of pool equipment including pumps, chlorinators, controllers and robotic cleaners. Our repair team can deliver expert advice and professional product servicing that brings your business quick results, allowing you more time for your clients and the job.

Our Brands

Evolution prides itself on its extensive range of quality products. Each of our Evo brand names represents a signature Evolution range that offers the highest quality products designed for Australian conditions.

Evochlor is our flagship brand of salt and mineral pool chlorinators manufactured in Queensland. They have been designed and developed for Australian pools, with years of dedicated product refinement. Evochlor chlorinators provide simple and reliable functionality year after year.

Evoflow pumps are made using only the highest quality parts and materials, offering superior performance and exceptional reliability. Strong and engineered for rigorous use in all conditions, Evoflow pumps are the go-to for Australian backed, quality pumps at great value.

Evoclear filters are engineered for efficient operation and designed to work alongside our range of pumps to provide excellent filtration for sparking, hygienic water. Evoclear is the leading name in proven, reliable filters, with every specification chosen to give the best balance of performance and efficiency.

Evopure is a complete range of pool and spa chemicals designed to protect pools and enhance the swimming experience. The highest quality chemicals are selected and formulated to provide trusted and consistent pool care solutions. Evopure Pool and Spa Chemicals are designed to be easy to use and effective in maintaining all pool water needs.

Evopool is a range of pool equipment and accessories designed with both professionals and home users in mind. Evopool equipment is built to last without compromising on performance and quality. The products are engineered and manufactured to meet the requirements of Australian pool conditions.

The Evoclean range of pool cleaners consists of robust and reliable automatic and robotic cleaner units.  They are produced to specifications that work seamlessly with our filtration equipment range, providing a complete and dependable total pool care system.

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