Algae Killer


Ideal broad spectrum algaecide for treating algae blooms or for regular monthly treatment. Non staining metal free product suitable for algae prevention. Good winterising product, works effectively with chlorine. Low pH impact on pool water. Suitable for Ionised pools.

Active Constiuent

400g/L Benzalkonium Chloride.

Available Sizes

1L bottle, 5L bottle and 20L drum.

Product Benefits
  • Effective broad spectrum algaecide.
  • Non staining metal free formula.
  • Ideal for use in ionised pools.
  • Effective wetting agent.
  • Works well with chorine.
Product Use and Application

Evopure Algae Killer is an effective broad spectrum algaecide that works well with chlorine to kill green algae blooms by lowering surface tension. Increased wetting action assists in releasing wall clinging algae for easier brushing. Helps remove black spot and suitable for mustard algae.

A non-staining metal free product that is suitable for regular maintenance with all pool systems.

A good winterising product with negligible effect on pH.  Stable in sunlight and suitable with ionised pools or where metals are present in pool water.

Dosage Rates

Summer:               90mL/10,000L

Maintenance:       60mL/10,000L

Heavy growth:     225mL/10,000L

Winter monthly: 22mL/10,000L



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