Black Spot Algae Treatment


Eliminate blackspot easily and quickly with this granular product. Ideal for beach areas, steps and entries. A granular, slow dissolving product with a low pH. Very effective for spot treatment. To be used on pebblecrete, white plaster and tiled surfaces.

Active Constiuent

900g/kg available Chlorine (Cl) present as Trichloroisocyanuric Acid.

Available Sizes

1kg jar.

Product Benefits
  • Eliminates blackspot algae quickly.
  • Dry product for spot application.
  • Slow dissolving for effective root kill.
  • Ideal for beach areas, steps and entry areas.
  • Low pH.
Product Use and Application

Evopure Black Spot Treatment is an effective, fast acting granular product designed to kill black spot algae.

Recommended for pebble, tiled and white plaster surfaces. A granular product applied directly to the affected areas.

Evopure Black Spot Treatment is applied with the filtration system turned off, leaving no residual product behind.

After blackspot has been removed, it is recommended that a preventative algaecide be used to complete the treatment.

Dosage Rates

Turn filtration off, and wait until water movement has become still. Place product directly onto black spots.  Wait 24-36 hours before brushing.



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