Calcium Increaser (Water Hardener)


Used to raise calcium hardness levels in pool water. Protects all pool surfaces and equipment from etching and corrosion. Necessary to maintain calcium hardness levels after rain and during winter months.

Active Constiuent

Calcium Chloride.

Available Sizes

2kg resealable pouch, 4kg resealable pouch and 25kg bulk bag.

Product Benefits
  • Increases calcium hardness levels in pool water.
  • Prevents etching of pool surfaces.
  • Prevents erosion of heating elements and equipment.
  • Extends life of vinyl liners.
Product Use and Application

Evopure Calcium Hardness is a product designed to raise the calcium hardness level in pool and spa water.

Maintaining correct calcium hardness levels in pool and spa water will ensure continued protection of pool surface finishes and equipment.

Calcium hardness levels are an integral part of the saturation index and should be checked and addressed when necessary.  All pool surfaces require calcium hardness for correct water balance, particularly when the water temperature is cooler.

The total calcium dose required, should be applied to pool and spa water in small increments of approximately one third at a time, and never added via the skimmer box.

Dosage Rates

100gm/10,000 litres will raise the calcium hardness level 10ppm.



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