Evoclear PF Series Media Filter – Fibreglass Tank


The Evoclear PF Series Fibreglass Media Filter range features commercial quality construction with a dual-layer, UV resistant tank. The filters have been developed with efficient hydraulics, resulting in superior flow and quiet operation, and are suitable for sand and glass media.

  • Excellent flow rate
  • Suitable for sand, glass and other media.
  • Commercial performance
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Designed and built to commercial standards.
  • Dual layer fibreglass and polymer tank with up to 250kPa working pressure.
  • Tank constructed with strong corrosion and UV resistant materials for extreme durability.
  • Premium 6 way multi-port valve for simple filter control and backwashing.
  • Large “Palm-Action” handle for easy positioning of multi-port valve.
  • Efficient hydraulic design allows for high flow rates and low noise operation.
  • Extra-large laterals for optimum filtration.
  • Stainless steel oil filled pressure gauge.
  • Built in waste port sight glass for high visibility of backwash water.
  • Automatic air bleed prevents the build-up of any air in the filter.
  • Provided with robust ABS barrel unions for simple installation.




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