Evoclear S Series Media Filter


Evoclear S Series filters embody the latest in fibreglass technology with an inner shell of fibreglass reinforced with multiple layers of continuous strand fibreglass filament. The filter also features an internal hydraulically efficient design, facilitating energy and water savings.

  • Ideal for Variable Speed Pumps.
  • Water Savings of up to 30%.
  • Hydraulically Balanced Flow.
  • Proven Durability.
  • Filter vessel produced with the latest fibreglass winding technology, consisting of an inner fiberglass reinforced shell, wound over with continuous strand fibreglass filament.
  • Commercial quality design and construction, pressure rated at 350kPa.
  • Fish tail laterals provide hydraulically balanced flow distribution, maximising filtration and backwashing efficiencies and delivering water savings of up to 30%.
  • Ideal for use with low powered and energy efficient variable speed pumps.
  • Filter tank and multi-port valve produced with durable UV and corrosion resistant materials.
  • Six position multi-port valve with ergonomic handle for ease of use and comfort.
  • Multi-port valve designed for maximum performance and a working pressure of up to 400kPa (tested to 600kPa).
  • Large clear sight glass for easy backwash inspection.
  • Quality oil filled pressure gauge to accurately determine the filter’s capacity.
  • Inflow diffuser for even distribution of water flow across the filter bed.
  • Suitable for sand, glass and other media.


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