Evotherm ETI Series Heat Pump


The Evotherm ETI Series heat pump is designed to operate efficiently in an extensive range of ambient temperatures to minimise energy costs. The Evotherm ETI is perfect for home and light commercial pool heating and offers user-friendly operation through touch screen or Wifi control.

The Evotherm ETI range includes:

  • 9.5kW ETI 9.5
  • 11.5kW ETI 11.5
  • 15kW ETI 15
  • 21kW ETI 21
  • 25kW ETI 25
  • Mitsubishi DC Twin-Rotary Inverter Compressor – Reliable and long-life compressor.
  • Twisted Titanium heat exchanger: Offers 40% more efficient heat transfer than standard heat exchangers.
  • Designed to operate at ambient temperatures as low as -10°C.
  • User-friendly LED touch screen to operate the unit and set pool temperature, schedule timers and change modes.
  • Internal, shielded electronics bay protects sensitive components and circuitry from heat-exchanger condensation and water ingress.
  • Engineering grade ABS enclosure with steel chassis provides long-lasting unit protection in harsh climates.
  • Brushless DC fan operates efficiently with soft-start feature that reduces current spikes and electrical load.
  • The Evotherm ETI Series heat pump is controllable entirely by WiFi from your smartphone via the free Smart Life app. Control pool water temperature, on-off schedules and operation modes from anywhere at anytime.
  • Industry leading Warranty. 30 years Titanium Heat Exchanger (10 years full, 20 years pro-rata), 6 years Compressor, 2 years Electronics, 1 year In Field.
Product Details

Eco-friendly R32

The refrigerant used in the Evotherm ETI Series is safer for the environment. R32 refrigerant has a 30% lower Global Warming Potential rating than traditionally used refrigerants like R410A.

Quiet Operation

The Evotherm ETI Series heat pump utilises soft-starting brushless DC electric motors for quiet fan operation. With operation noise levels as low as 39dBA.

Touch Screen Control

The Evotherm ETI provides complete control through its backlit user-friendly LED touch screen, allowing you to easily select operating modes, set temperature, schedule timers and run diagnostics at a touch.

Soft-Start Feature

Full-inverter control enables soft-starting, stepless operation of the fan and compressor motors, eliminating harsh current spikes and allowing precision control of motor speeds.

COP of Up To 14.5

By utilising a full-inverter, stepless drive system, the ETI’s efficient technology can increase the Coefficient of Performance (COP) up to a rating of 14.5.


Brochure Manual – 2023  Manual – Pre 2023  Manual – ETI 30T Questionnaire  Installation

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