Evotherm H5RO Heat Pump Controller


The Evotherm H5RO-I and H5RO-S Heat Pump Controllers regulate the pool filtration and circulation pump operation whenever the heat pump or the chlorinator needs it.

In a typical pool, the filtration pump and chlorinator run for a few hours a day following a timer schedule.To maintain the water at the desired temperature, it is possible the heat pump would need to run outside of this schedule. In this scenario, the circulation pump needs to run without the chlorinator working to avoid over-chlorination. The H5RO-I is designed for this scenario, where the circulation system includes both chlorinator and heat pump demands.

The H5RO-S is intended for stand-alone plumbing installations for separately circulated heat pumps.


Evotherm H5RO-I

  • Suitable for integrated systems where the heater and chlorinator share the same circulation pump.
  • Designed for operating the circulation pump when either the heater or chlorinator requires flow.
  • LCD screen provides simple feedback on the current mode of operation.
  • Easy to mount, plug and play design.

Evotherm H5RO-S

  • Suitable for stand-alone plumbing systems with a dedicated circulation pump for the pool heater.
  • Designed for operating the circulation pump when the heater requires flow.
  • Dedicated control point between the heater and the circulation pump.
  • Easy to mount, plug and play design.
  • Controls circulation equipment.
  • Suitable for outdoor use.
  • All cables and terminals included.
  • Ingress protection rated IP33
  • Australian made.
  • 2 year limited warranty.

Brochure Manual – H5RO-I  Manual – H5RO-S 

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