Fast Floc


A concentrated pool water flocculant and coagulant that restores clarity to the cloudiest water. Fast working and easy to use, this product binds together small unfilterable particles of debris held in suspension and allows them to drop to the bottom of the pool for easy removal by vacuuming to waste.

Active Constiuent

Inorganic and Organic Cationic Polymers.

Available Sizes

1L bottle, 5L bottle and 20L drum.

Product Benefits
  • A concentrated flocculant to restore water clarity.
  • Fast working alum free formula.
  • Flocculating action on fine and larger suspended particles.
  • Suitable for use in all pool finishes and with all chlorinating systems.
  • No adverse effect on pH.
  • Excellent service product.
Product Use and Application

A superior concentrated blend of inorganic and organic polymers which are optimised to work quickly to coagulate and drop even the finest suspended particles to the bottom of the pool in as fast as 4 – 6 hours.

Evopure Fast Floc works by changing the charge of the particles, allowing them to form small flocs, which collide with each other and grow until their size and density is large enough for them to settle and be vacuumed to waste.

An ideal product for use when filling new pools for the first time. It can also be used monthly or weekly as a regular maintenance product in high bather load situations.

Always add to the pool diluted in at least 10 litres of water, across the surface and never through the skimmer box.

Dosage Rates

Cloudy Water:                      60mL/10,000L

Extremely Cloudy Water:  120mL/10,000L

Heavy Contaminants:        200mL/10,000L



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