Filter Cleaner & Degreaser


A maintenance product designed to remove greases, oils and organic deposits from cartridge and sand filters, restoring optimal filtration performance. Ideal for seasonal maintenance.

Active Constiuent

>90% w/w Alkaline Salts.

Available Sizes

1kg jar.

Product Benefits
  • Removes grease, oil and organic deposits.
  • Suitable for sand, cartridge and D.E. filters.
  • Restores optimal circulation.
  • Improved filtration.
  • Regular maintenance product.
Product Use and Application

Evopure Filter Cleaner and Degreaser is recommended for regular maintenance of sand, cartridge and D.E. filters.

Bather wastes such as sunscreen, body oil,  hair and cosmetic products, in addition to organic material from pollution, leaves and animal waste, all leave a greasy film that is not always backwashed away or hosed off with water.

Greases and grime require an alkaline product to break them down. You would not wash your dishes without detergent.

Seasonal or periodic cleaning of the filter will improve filtration and circulation, enhance chlorination and water clarity.

Dosage Rates

For cartridge and D.E. filters, remove element and soak in solution as per label instructions.

For sand filters pre-mix and add via pump.



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