HIDE Linear Drain Cover Kit Concrete


HIDE Linear Drain Covers are designed for sophisticated drainage solutions that blend seamlessly with your pool aesthetic. Fully compliant poolware that is built for quality and purpose – transforming those traditional eyesore spots into hidden no-shows. The HIDE Linear Drain Cover is for linear drainage applications.

The HIDE Linear Drain Cover for Concrete is specially designed for ‘pour in’ infill situations, where a ‘pour in’ substrate is desired. Its uniquely flexible installation options allow the concrete contractor to achieve the best possible discreet finish for surface water drainage; the cover detail and installations can be specified to the contractors or homeowners requirements.

  • Concrete Kit is designed for ‘pour in’ infill; Concrete or polished finish.
  • Compatible with Everhard (Easy Drain) channel (not included).
  • 10 year warranty.
  • Stainless steel 316 quality for long-term durability and strength of the surface finish.
  • Deep channel options allow for a limited fall surface.
  • Create a concealed, independent, removable modular drain cover as long as required.
  • Invisible and discreet, minimal  Stainless Steel exposure at surface level.
  • Non-slip & Grate free.
  • Open grate reduces the collection of surface sediment and foliage, making it easier to clean.

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