LUXAPOOL Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint


LUXAPOOL Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint has been formulated specifically for application to new or old concrete based swimming pools, and displays excellent adhesion over sound previously painted chlorinated rubber coated surfaces. LUXAPOOL Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint offers a cost effective, single pack, hard satin finish, with outstanding resistance to the destructive effects of swimming pool chemicals and has a well proven record of longevity along with durability.

LUXAPOOL Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint can be applied by brush, roller or spray.

Please Note: LUXAPOOL Chlorinated Rubber is not suitable for previously painted epoxy pools, or marblesheen surfaces.

Use Areas

The primary use of LUXAPOOL Chlorinated Rubber is water immersible applications such as swimming pools and water tanks. However, other areas of use include silos or similar food storage applications, and concrete floors in wet rooms and bathrooms.

  • Single pack system.
  • Self-priming for most applications.
  • Ease to use and apply.
  • Resistant to a broad range of water soluble chemicals, and to mould, algae and bacterial growth.
  • Cured films are non-toxic.
  • Readily maintained with minimal surface preparation.
  • Economical.
Available Sizes

4L pail.



A non-slip finish may be created easily with the addition of Colormaker Industries Non-Slip Additive.

Add the Non-Slip Additive at the rate of 60-75 grams per litre whilst stirring with a flat blade stirrer, and allow to stand for 10 minutes before applying.


20-25m² per 4L, per coat
(Minimum of 3 coats recommended)


Adriatic, Aqua Mist, Black, Brook Green, Pacific Blue, Slate, White



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