LUXAPOOL Epoxy Pool Paint


LUXAPOOL (2-pack) Epoxy Pool Paints are excellent for all new swimming pool applications and can be used to give a beautiful luxury finish to older pools. LUXAPOOL Epoxy Pool Paints are also well suited to application over old and new cement render, fibreglass, pebblecrete, marblesheen and also previously painted epoxies.

LUXAPOOL Epoxy Pool Coating is a long proven solvent based, high solids, two part epoxy, designed specially for use as a high performance swimming pool finish.

Is suitable for most pool surfaces including new and aged render, marblesheen, fiberglass and existing epoxy finishes. It is suitable for both salt and chlorinated pools.

Once cured, provides an extremely durable and long lasting surface, with exceptional resistance to pool chemicals and to algae growth. It may also be used for the general decoration and protection of concrete and masonry, suitably primed mild steel, and fiberglass where surfaces are NOT exposed to direct UV exposure.

Provides a hard but smooth, even surface underfoot for the life of the coating and is easy to maintain and highly compatible with the operation of pool cleaning equipment.

Includes a choice of Summer or Winter Hardener:

  • Summer Grade Hardener for LUXAPOOL Epoxy Finish when used under typical summer conditions ( 20 > 30°C ambient), or,
  • Winter Grade Hardener for LUXAPOOL Epoxy Finish when used under typical winter conditions ( 12 > 20°C ambient).
Use Areas

The unique properties of toughness, durability and chemical resistance of LUXAPOOL Epoxy Pool Paints are ideal for use in the following:

  • Swimming pools.
  • Water tanks.
  • Fish ponds.
  • Aquaculture ponds.
  • Zoo enclosures for amphibious and other animals.
  • Suitable for salt and chlorinated water, resistant to mould, algae and bacterial growth.
  • High solids coating with high hiding and excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Extensive colour range.
  • Long pot-life, under average conditions, for an epoxy system.
  • Hard glossy film after full cure, compliments modern pool cleaning equipment.
  • Easy mix ratio via pre-pack quantities.
  • Non-toxic to marine life after full cure.
Available Sizes

1L kit and 3.5L kit.

(Kits include 2-Pack Epoxy – Part A and Hardener – Part B)




20-25m² per 3.5L kit, per coat
(Minimum of 2 coats recommended)


Adriatic, Aqua Mist, Deep Ocean®, Atlantis, Black, Brook Green, Crestwood, Devonport, Emerald Green, Jacaranda, Lagoon, Mid Blue, Misty Blue, Opaline, Pacific Blue, Platinum Blue, Pond Green, Regency White, Riversand, Serenity, Slate, Tahitian, Turquoise, White, Whitsunday



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