Metal Free Algaecide


Dual action formula for effective non-staining algae control.  A low foaming algaecide recommended for preventative use during peak swimming season to assist with chlorine demand associated with heavy bather load. Ideal for ionised pools. This product is not pH sensitive, and will assist with the prevention of algae.

Active Constiuent

60g/L Benzalkonium Chloride, 120g/L Polyoxyethylene (Dimethyliminio) Ethylene (Dimethyliminio) Ethylene Dichloride.

Available Sizes

1L bottle, 5L bottle and 20L drum.

Product Benefits
  • Non staining formula.
  • Low foaming algaecide.
  • Not pH sensitive.
  • Preventative algaecide.
  • Effective clarifier.
Product Use and Application

Evopure Metal Free Algaecide is a synergistic blend of polymeric and monomeric quaternary ammonium compounds, combining forces to effectively control algae in swimming pool water. Especially effective on green and black algae.

Suitable for use as a preventative algaecide.  Requires only a single monthly application.

A low foaming algaecide that will work over a wide variety of pH conditions.  Suitable for use with all filtration systems, and pool finishes.  Evopure Metal Free Algaecide is an effective clarifier, assisting in the removal of dead algae.

Dosage Rates

Initial dose:         225mL/10,000L

Monthly dose:    280mL/10,000L

Winter dose:       460mL/10,000L



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