Multi Stain Remover


A multi-purpose stain remover that is a blend of organic acids used for removing coloured metal stains from pool surfaces, including iron, copper and manganese. Designed to treat entire pool surface but can also be used to spot treat individual stains.

Active Constiuent

980g/kg Organic Acid Blend.

Available Sizes

1kg jar.

Product Benefits
  • A multi-purpose stain remover.
  • Removes coloured metal stains from surfaces.
  • Granular product that can be used to spot treat small stains.
  • Effective in removing iron, copper and manganese stains.
Product Use and Application

Evopure Multi Stain Remover can be used as an all over treatment for metal stains, but will result in a reduction of pH and total alkalinity of pool water.  Care should be taken when rebalancing water to prevent cloudy water or precipitation of the original stain. If adding Evopure pH Buffer, it is advised to do so slowly.

When spot treating a localised stain, a small amount of product can be put into a skimmer sock and held over the affected area.

Do not broadcast or spot treat Evopure Multi Stain Remover directly onto bleachable surfaces such as vinyl liners or painted pools.

High levels of chlorine will reduce the activity of Evopure Multi Stain Remover, therefore a reduction in chlorine levels to below 1.0 ppm prior to treatment is recommended.

Dissolve required quantity in at least 10 litres of water first before adding to swimming pool.

Dosage Rates

1kg/50,000 Litres



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