Multiaction Pool Tablets


Slow dissolving long lasting tablet designed for continual chlorination with the added benefit of a built in algaecide and clarifiers for easy maintenance. Ideal product for use during heavy bathing periods, holiday maintenance or winterising. Acidic product pH 2.9, check water balance regularly.

Active Constiuent

800g/kg available CHLORINE (Cl) (pH 2.9) present as TRICHLOROISOCYANURIC ACID, 7.5g/kg COPPER present as COPPER SULPHATE PENTHYDRATE.

Available Sizes

1kg tube, 2kg tube , 10kg pail.

Product Benefits
  • Slow dissolving 200gm chlorine tablet.
  • Contains an algistat to prevent algae growth.
  • Inbuilt clarifiers to assist filtration and maintain sparkling water.
  • Suitable for daily chlorination or supplementary chlorine for salt water pools.
  • Easy holiday maintenance, or winterising product.
  • Can be used in skimmer boxes, floating and automatic feeders.
Product Use and Application

Evopure Multi Action Pool Tablets are suitable for daily use in both aboveground and inground swimming pools.  The unique blend of chlorine, algaecide and clarifiers provide continual chlorination, improved filtration and the ongoing benefits of an algaecide during peak swimming season.

Evopure Multi Action Pool Tablets are well suited for winter maintenance reducing the need for multiple chemical dosing during downtime.

Evopure Multi Action Pool Tablets can be used in skimmer boxes, floating dispensers and automatic feeders.  It is recommended that automatic feeders be filled and the control used to monitor chlorine levels.  Be sure to check tablets in floating dispensers retain enough surface area to dispense chlorine effectively.

Due to the acidic nature of slow release tablets, it is suggested that pH levels be checked to prevent corrosion and damage to pool surfaces and equipment, especially during winter months if used as a winteriser.  Adjust pH levels with Evopure pH Increaser as required.

Dosage Rates

One (200g) tablet per 20,000 litres weekly.



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