O2 Shock


A non-chlorine oxidiser suitable for both spas and hot tubs. Fast dissolving and totally soluble. Rapidly eliminates chloramines, bather waste and odours. Can be used as an oxidiser with Chlorine, Bromine, Ioniser and Ozone systems.

Active Constiuent

Sodium Percarbonate Coated.

Available Sizes

500g jar, 1kg jar and 10kg pail.

Product Benefits
  • Concentrated oxygen compounds designed to eliminate combined chorine in pools and spas.
  • Non chlorine shock suitable for use with all sanitising systems.
  • Suitable for indoor and commercial pools.
  • Use regularly to improve sanitiser efficiency in pools and spas.
  • Swim again after 15 minutes.
  • Will not lower pH.
Product Use and Application

Evopure O2 Shock is a highly concentrated oxygen compound that is suitable for shock treatment in pools and spas.  Particularly suitable for indoor and commercial pools where downtime is not convenient.

Regular dosing in pools and spas is recommended to prevent swimmer waste and chloramines in bathing water. Regular oxidising of pool and spa water will increase the efficiency of daily sanitiser.

Useful in pools where metals are present, particularly ionised pools. Evopure O2 Shock will not raise chlorine or stabiliser levels in pool water, so no lengthy waiting periods.  Only 15 minutes recommended down time before resuming normal swimming.

Dosage Rates

Swimming Pools:            100g/10,000L

Spas & Hot Tubs:            10g/1,000L

Ponds & Fountains:        5g/1,000L



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