pH Buffer (Alkalinity Increaser)


Used to increase total alkalinity in swimming pools, and reduce fluctuation in pH.  Increases bather comfort and protects all pool surfaces and equipment. Easily applied, fast dissolving and totally soluble.

Active Constiuent

Sodium Bicarbonate.

Available Sizes

2kg resealable pouch, 4kg resealable pouch, 10kg pail and 25kg bulk bag.

Product Benefits
  • Helps control total alkalinity in pool and spa water.
  • Prevents pH bounce.
  • Prevents corrosion and damage to pool surfaces and equipment.
  • More efficient sanitiser levels.
  • Totally soluble when added to water.
Product Use and Application

Total alkalinity is part of the overall balance of swimming pool water, and integral to the saturation index which determines whether pool water is scale forming or corrosive. Many factors change total alkalinity such as the addition of acid, swimmers, tap water, rain water and the addition of certain chlorines which have a downward pull on the alkalinity.  In order for the saturation index to be within the desired range it is necessary to add buffer as part of maintaining pool balance.

Evopure Buffer is safe to use while swimming and can be added in a slurry to the pool water with the filter running.

Allow several hours to distribute and check pH.

Dosage Rates

200g/10,000 Litres water to increase total alkalinity by 10ppm.



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