pH Decreaser (Dry Acid)


Dry crystalline product used to decrease pH in swimming pool water, to prevent scaling, cloudy water and improve swimmer comfort. Improved chlorine efficiency.  Safer to handle and store than liquid acid.

Active Constiuent

Sodium Bisulphate (Dry Acid).

Available Sizes

2kg resealable pouch.

Product Benefits
  • Dry crystalline product used to lower pH in pool and spa water.
  • Safe to store and handle.
  • Helps to prevent scaling on surfaces and equipment.
  • Helps to prevent cloudy water.
  • Improves chlorine efficiency.
  • Improves bather comfort.
Product Use and Application

When adding Evopure pH Decreaser it is important to follow the dosage instructions. Dose should not exceed 250g/10,000 litres per application. Run the filter for a period of three hours and then retest adding further additions as  necessary.

It is important to dissolve all crystals in water before adding to the pool to prevent etching of floor surfaces.  Do not add Evopure pH Decreaser through the skimmer box.  If metals are present add dosage in small amounts to prevent precipitation of metals to pool surfaces.

Dosage Rates

pH 7.6 – 8.0:    Add 60g/10,000 Litres

pH 8.0 – 8.4:    Add 120g/10,000 Litres

pH above 8.4:   Add 180g/10,000 Litres



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