Pool Acid


Liquid acid used to reduce pH in swimming pool water to prevent scaling, cloudy water and improve bather comfort. Improves chlorine efficiency.

Active Constiuent

34.5% m/v Hydrochloric Acid.

Available Sizes

5L bottle and 20L drum.

Product Benefits
  • Reduces pH and total alkalinity in pool and spa water.
  • Liquid product ready to use.
  • Easy precise dosing with measured indicator panel.
  • Improves chlorine efficiency.
Product Use and Application

Extremely corrosive product. Care should be taken when handling Evopure Hydrochloric Acid (Pool Acid). Always add to the pool mixed with water.  When mixing with water, add acid to water not water to acid.

Filter should always be running when adding to pool.

Do not add via the skimmer box.

Dosage Rates

20mL/10,000 Litres per decimal point of correction.



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