Pool Clear


Clarifies and restores sparkle to dull and hazy pools. Heavy duty liquid clarifier, which is safe for use with all filters and pool types. Maximises filter efficiency.

Active Constiuent

Organic Cationic Polymers.

Available Sizes

1L bottle, 5L bottle and 20L drum.

Product Benefits
  • Clarifies and restores sparkle to dull and hazy pools.
  • Heavy duty clarifier.
  • Safe for all surfaces and with all types of filtration.
  • Maximises filter efficiency.
  • Suitable for all chemical systems.
Product Use and Application

Evopure Pool Clear is a concentrated blend or clarifiers which will bind small particles together, making them easier to filter out.

Dust, air borne pollution, swimmer waste and residual insoluble chemical residue accumulates over time. Often these fine particles are too small to filter out with normal filtration, resulting in uninviting, hazy, dull water.  Restore the sparkle by binding small unfilterable waste into larger more efficiently captured particles that can be removed easily by the filtration system.

Evopure Pool Clear has no effect on pool water balance and is safe for all chemical systems and surface finishes. Simply broadcast over the surface of the pool, backwashing as necessary to maintain correct filter pressure.

A concentrated formula suitable for regular maintenance.

Dosage Rates

Light Dose:          50mL/10,000L

Heavy Dose:       100mL/10,000L



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