Pure Minerals Ultra Blend™


Evopure™ Pure Minerals Ultra Blend™ is a specially formulated magnesium-rich mineral blend designed to create the perfect mineral pool in one easy dose. Ultra Blend™ contains an optimal ratio of magnesium, salt and borates that work harmoniously to enhance and nourish the pool water, improve clarity, and assist in sanitising your pool.

Active Constiuent

Blended mineral product.

Available Sizes

Available in 10kg resealable bag.

Product Benefits
  • Magnesium Rich

Pure Minerals Ultra Blend™ is a magnesium-rich mineral pool blend that enables you to experience the health benefits of magnesium bathing. The enhanced water will relax and rejuvenate your body and skin.

  • Added Borates

The perfect ratio of borates found in Pure Minerals Ultra Blend™ creates exceptionally soft and silky water. Borates also inhibit algae, act as a pH buffer and improve sanitisation, helping reduce chemical use.

  • One Step

Pure Minerals Ultra Blend™ is a simple, one-step mineral blend that does not require additional mixing with salt. Follow the recommended dosage rate for your pool to achieve the best results.

  • High Clarity

Excellent water clarity is achieved with the addition of Pure Minerals™. The magnesium crystals work as a natural flocculent, removing organic debris and impurities from the water, creating a crystal-clear pool.

Product Use and Application

To begin using Pure Minerals Ultra Blend™, you will need to know the pool water salinity level. A pool care professional can perform this test for you. Once the salinity level is known, add the appropriate Pure Minerals Ultra Blend™ amount in kg by following the dosage table.

These measurements are based off a standard chlorinator operating with a primary salinity of 4,000ppm. Consult your pool care professional for advice if your system requires a higher or lower salinity level and adjust dosage accordingly.

If your pool water is not yet conditioned with Pure Minerals Ultra Blend™, and the current pool water salinity is 3,000ppm or above, we recommend first conditioning the water with Pure Minerals Magnesium™. This will result in a faster mineral enhancement of the pool water. Refer to the Pure Minerals Magnesium™ bag for dosage instructions.

Dosage Rates

Refer to bag or brochure for specific activation and maintenance dosage tables.


SDS Brochure Booklet Dosage Table

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