Pure Minerals Magnesium™


We set out to make the most luxurious pool experience possible for all pool owners. In doing this, we sourced 100% pure magnesium crystals that allow your pool to deliver naturally therapeutic benefits. By using the principles of transdermal skin absorption, you can feel and enjoy the rejuvenating effects of magnesium just by swimming in your new revitalised water.

The benefits of Pure Minerals Magnesium™ are felt right from the initial swim, aiding and providing relief to the muscular and nervous systems, hydrating the skin and alleviating a variety of skin conditions. Mineral enrichment transforms your pool water to spa-like conditions, all while being simple to use and compatible with existing chlorinator, pump and filtration systems.

Active Constiuent

Magnesium Chloride

Available Sizes

Available in 10kg resealable bag.

Product Benefits
  • Water Feel

Pure Minerals Magnesium™ is created from the highest purity magnesium crystals and is designed to transform the swimming experience. Magnesium naturally enriches the water, creating a smooth and silky water feel.

  • Wellness

Pure Minerals Magnesium™ enables you to experience the well known health benefits of magnesium. Absorbing magnesium from the water will leave your skin and body feeling rejuvenated and replenished.

  • High Clarity

Excellent water clarity is achieved with the addition of Pure Minerals™. The magnesium crystals work as a natural flocculent, removing organic debris and impurities from the water, creating a crystal-clear pool.

  • System Safe

Pure Minerals Magnesium™ works seamlessly with both salt and mineral based chlorinator systems. The mineral crystals are fast dissolving and compatible with all pumps, filters and auxiliary systems.

Product Use and Application

To begin using Pure Minerals Magnesium™, you will need to know the pool water salinity level. A pool care professional can perform this test for you. Once the salinity level is known, add the appropriate Pure Minerals Magnesium™ amount by following the dosage tables.

These measurements are based off a standard chlorinator operating with a primary salinity of 4,000ppm. Consult your pool care professional for advice if your system requires a higher or lower salinity level and adjust dosage accordingly.

Dosage Rates

Refer to bag or brochure for specific activation and maintenance dosage tables.

Simple Maintenance Guideline: Add one 10kg bag of Pure Minerals™ for every 20kg bag of pool salt for the perfect mineral blend, rich in magnesium.


SDS Brochure Booklet Dosage Table Dosage Table – Spa

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