Rapid Shock Pool Sanitiser


Convenient pre-measured maintenance or problem solving product to oxidise pool water. Contains clarifying agents to enhance oxidation, improve chlorine efficiency and filtration. Totally soluble product, no residue, neutral pH.

Active Constiuent

504g/kg available Chlorine (Cl) present as Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate, 100g/kg of Sodium Tetraborate Pentahydrate.

Available Sizes

500g resealable pouch.

Product Benefits
  • Problem solving product.
  • Regular maintenance product.
  • Remove chloramines and swimmer waste.
  • Oxidises pool water.
  • Easy single use application.
  • Neutral pH.
  • Totally soluble.
  • Contains clarifying agents.
Product Use and Application

Oxidation removes accumulated swimmer waste and chloramines from pool water. Evopure Rapid Shock can be used as part of a regular maintenance program once a week to prevent chloramine build up, and improve chlorine efficiency, (e.g. regular Sunday night application after heavy weekend or family use). The neutral pH nature of Evopure Rapid Shock means that pool water balance is unaffected by use.

Chloramines, nitrogen and organic matter accumulate in pool water and can cause skin and eye irritation, strong chlorine odour and cloudy uninviting water. Nitrogen and organic matter naturally find their way into swimming pool water from bathers, dust, rain, animals and organic contaminants of all kinds. This places any chlorination system under load.  Evopure Rapid Shock will assist in the removal of these contaminants, improving the efficiency of all chlorination systems.

Evopure Rapid Shock is compatible with all pool filtration and surface finishes, however, it is advisable to add through the skimmer box when using on a bleachable surface such as a vinyl liner.

Evopure Rapid Shock contains clarifying agents to quickly remove oxidised waste and restore sparkle to pool water.

Dosage Rates

1 x 500g sachet per 50,000 litres.



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