REEFE Swimming Pool Pump (SPP) Series


REEFE swimming pool pumps are designed for turning over your pool water quickly and efficiently and are suitable for use to operate your pool filters and cleaners.

Recommended applications: Recycling and filtering of water from swimming pools.

  • SAA electrical safety certified.
  • Robust construction to ensure long service life.
  • Quality viton seal to prevent leaks.
  • High flows for fast turnover of your pool water.
  • Inbuilt motor overload to ensure no motor burnout.
  • Commercial grade motor for continuous operation.
  • Convenient carry handle for ease of installation.
  • Easy access strainer basket for quick maintenance.
  • 12 months warranty when used in commercial applications.
  • Sized to retrofit other common brands.
  • 2-pole induction motor.
  • Built-in TI.USA thermal protection.
  • Insulation class F
  • Protection IP55




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