Salt Cell Cleaner


A blend of mineral acids that safely remove calcium and organic deposits from salt chlorinator cells without damage to the precious metals used. A reusable solution, compatible with all brands of salt chlorinators, extending the performance life of the cell for the pool owner.

Active Constiuent

Mineral Acid Blend.

Available Sizes

5L bottle.

Product Benefits
  • Removes calcium build up from salt chlorinator cells.
  • Reusable product.
  • Ready to use, no mixing or dosing.
  • Removes organic waste and swimmer grime.
  • Extends cell life.
  • Improves chlorine production.
  • Compatible with all brands of salt chlorinators.
Product Use and Application

Evopure Salt Cell Cleaner is a complex blend of mineral acids that safely remove both calcium and organic deposits that form on salt chlorinator cells.

This build up prevents efficient chlorine production and shortens cell life.  Regular cleaning in Evopure Salt Cell Cleaner will remove this build up safely with no damage to the precious metals of the salt cell, unlike Hydrochloric Acid which is commonly used.

Evopure Salt Cell Cleaner can be reused, reducing maintenance costs and encouraging regular use.

Dosage Rates

Pour required amount of solution into a plastic container and soak cell until calcium is removed.



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