SplashMe Automation Controller


SplashMe is a clever automation system that keeps water clean, sanitised and at the perfect temperature. Designed and made in Australia, SplashMe has set the new standard for pool and spa maintenance, taking care of the complex so you can keep it simple. It is perfect for new builds or easily retrofits to existing systems.

Once installed, the SplashMe system allows you to coordinate and control connected equipment via the easy-to-use SplashMe App. The powerful App allows you to create scenes and schedules that work for you. Party in the pool? Hit the “Boost” schedule for lights, water features and extra cleaning. Cooler weather? Change over to a winter mode to maintain and save.

SplashMe is a complete system ready to install straight out of the box. All you’ll need is a filter, filter pump and chlorinator or your choice of sanitisation system. Then it’s up to you what else you connect – heaters, cleaners, spa, colour changing lights.

Any brand, any equipment – the choice is yours.


Allows full automation, with in-app control and feedback, of:

Filter pumps

  • Controls any single speed or variable speed pump.
  • Ability to convert single speed pumps to VSD.
  • Reduce energy and maximise efficiency.


  • Maintain perfect water chemistry automatically (pH and ORP).
  • Compatible with any sanitisation system.
  • Eliminate chemical overuse.


  • Automatically control chlorinator via ORP sensor.
  • Control and set chlorinator run times.


  • Set and maintain the perfect temperature.
  • Integrate multiple sources, including solar, gas heaters and electric heat pumps.


  • Control pool, spa or garden lighting – including colour-changing.
  • Schedule and automate or operate manually.


  • Maintain crystal clear water.
  • Integrate in-floor, robotic or suction cleaners.
  • Schedule or operate manually.

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