Stabilised Chlorine (Tablets)


Slow dissolving long lasting tablet designed for continual chlorination. May be used in automatic feeders, skimmer box or floating tablet dispensers. Will not cloud water. Ideal product for use during heavy bathing periods, holiday maintenance or winterising.  Acidic product pH 2.9, check water balance regularly.

Active Constiuent

900g/kg available CHLORINE (Cl) (pH 2.9) present as TRICHLOROISOYANURIC ACID. Available in 200g Tablet.

Available Sizes

1kg tube, 2kg tube, 10kg pail and 25kg drum.

Product Benefits
  • Weekly dosing.
  • Skimmer box application.
  • Suitable for automatic feeders or floating dispensers.
  • Totally soluble, no clouding of pool water.
  • Slow erosion feed, suitable for holiday maintenance or    supplementary dosing for salt water chlorinated pools.
  • Added stabiliser for U.V. protection.
Product Use and Application

Evopure Stabilised Chlorine Tablets are a slow dissolving tablet suitable for low maintenance handling.  Used to maintain chlorine residuals in swimming pools and recommended for supplementary use in salt water pools during peak bather times.

Before dosing with Evopure Stablilised Chlorine Tablets, it is recommended to superchlorinate or shock treat the pool to establish a free chlorine residual.

Regular pool testing of free chlorine level is recommended due to the slow dissolving nature of tablets.  It is generally recommended to dose at the rate of one tablet per 20,000 litres. pH levels require regular testing as the low pH value of Evopure Stabilised Chlorine tablets could lead to damage of pool surfaces and equipment, maintain pH levels with Evopure pH Increaser.

When using an automatic feeder, fill the chlorinator with tablets and use the control regulator to maintain consistent chlorine levels. Be sure to check that tablets in floating dispensers retain enough surface area to dispense chlorine effectively.  Care should be taken before use that Evopure  Stabilised Chlorine Tablets are never mixed with Calcium Hypochlorite tablets in a dispenser.

Dosage Rates

One (200g) tablet per 20,000 Litres weekly.



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