Cal Chlor 70


Low residue, non-stabilised Chlorine, for the control of algae and bacteria.  Suitable for hand dosing, shock treatment and superchlorination. Daily dosing required. Needs to be mixed with water prior to application. Alkaline product pH 11.

Active Constiuent

700g/kg available CHLORINE (Cl)(pH 10.9) present as Calcium Hypochlorite.

Available Sizes

2kg jar, 10kg pail and 40kg drum.

Product Benefits
  • Low Residue.
  • Unstabilised chlorine.
  • Suitable for daily dosing and superclorination.
  • Controls algae and bacteria.
Product Use and Application

Evopure Cal Chlor 700 Pool Chlorine is suitable for daily dosing in all swimming pools. It is recommended that before application, this chlorine be mixed with water in a bucket.  Always add chlorine to water.  Distribute slurry evenly around the pool with the filter running.

It is highly recommended that Evopure Stabiliser be used with Evopure Cal Chlor 700 to reduce costs and improve sanitiser efficiency, especially during the summer months.

Not suitable for use in ionised pools, or for spas and hot tubs.

In-store testing for calcium hardness levels should be done regularly to prevent cloudy water and scale deposits forming on pool surfaces and equipment.  pH levels will need to be maintained with Evopure Hydrochloric Acid or Evopure pH Decreaser as this product will increase pH levels in pool water, decreasing solubility and encourage scaling.

Dosage Rates

Unstabilised Pools:   80g/10,000 Litres

Superchlorination:    2 x daily dosage

Start up shock:           4 x daily dosage



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