Stain Away


An excellent product for removing brown metal stains from swimming pools. Evopure Stain Away can be used to treat the entire pool surface or simply for spot treatment of stubborn stains. Particularly effective for salt stains.

Active Constiuent

990g/kg Citric Acid.

Available Sizes

1kg jar.

Product Benefits
  • Removes brown iron stains.
  • Ideal for removal of salt stains.
  • Can be used on all pool surfaces.
  • Ideal product for spot treatment of stains.
Product Use and Application

Iron staining can appear from time to time most likely from the addition of salt.  However, some source water such as bore water or sea water may also contain iron.  Customers may pump water from canals in an effort to save excess water bills.  Iron can be detected with regular pool water testing and staining prevented with the use of maintenance products. However, if undetected or allowed to plate out iron can stain in a range of colours from orange to red to brown depending on the chlorine levels and the amount of oxidation taking place.

Evopure Stain Away is an ideal product to use for the removal of brown stains, either by adding directly to the pool over the entire surface or sprinkled directly onto the stain.  It is also an effective product when used to spot small stains. Use a small quantity in a filter sock and hang over the area with a telescopic pole, allow to rest for a few minutes at a time and check area.

It is necessary to allow the chlorine levels to drop prior to the use of Evopure Stain Away.

Used in field service work it is an effective problem solver, exhibiting quick results. An excellent product for cleaning up fibreglass pool surfaces.

Dosage Rates

1kg/50,000 litres.



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