Sunline Standard Above Ground Roller


A Sunline Standard Above Ground Roller is a trouble free lightweight system, that’s perfect handling and storing your Sunline Pool Cover. It can easily be operated by one person, all it takes is less than a minute to remove or place the blanket from your pool. Available in a neutral metallic colour it can be made to suit most sized pools from 1.5m right up to 5.2m in width.

Featuring adjustable fittings which are simple, durable and long lasting, the Sunline Standard Above Ground Roller is an easy to use product that will offer years of trouble-free service. Best of all its unobtrusive so it will tidy up your swimming pool entertainment area. A Sunline Standard Above Ground Roller is a cost effective solution to suit your requirements.

  • Portable: The Sunline Standard Above Ground Roller can be conveniently moved anywhere around your pool.
  • Rust Resistant: The Sunline Above Ground Roller comprises aluminium, stainless steel and high composite plastic, so over time it will never rust.
  • Locking Nut: Once the pool blanket has been retracted. A locking screw ensures the pool cover does not unreel when not in use.
  • Sturdy: Rubber feet prevent the roller from tipping or sliding when the pool blanket is being retracted or withdrawn.
  • Clips: All above ground rollers include adjustable strap kits with a smart and easy clamp system to attach to your pool cover.
  • Convenient reel: The handle and reel helps you to roll your blanket on and off the pool quickly and easily.
  • Warranty: Sunline above ground rollers are backed by a 5 year warranty against manufacturer defects.
  • Made to size for pool widths from 1.5 metres to 5.2 metres.
  • Central tube 100mm diameter.


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