Ultra Clear Skimmer Tablet


A maintenance product to improve clarity, restore sparkle and improve filter efficiency. Easy application via skimmer basket.  Compatible with all chlorination and filtration systems.

Active Constiuent

Alumina Salts

Available Sizes

Individually packaged 75g tablet.

Product Benefits
  • Improve pool water clarity and enhance filtration.
  • Suitable for all chlorination systems, surface finishes and filtration systems.
  • Single dose tablet for easy skimmer application.
  • Maintenance product.
  • No effect to water chemistry.
  • Non-toxic.
Product Use and Application

Even when pool water is balanced, chlorinated and perfectly clear, the sparkle can be missing.

The cause can be extremely fine particulate matter existing in pool water. These particles are too fine to filter out with the filtration system and prevent water from having that extra sparkle.

Evopure Clarifying Tablets added to the skimmer box after backwashing or when the filter is clean will assist the removal of fine residual matter, by improving the efficiency of the filtration, capturing even the finest debris. Regular use will keep the filtration system working efficiently and restore sparkle quickly. Evopure Ultra Clear Skimmer Tablets will increase filter pressure naturally, check before backwashing too soon.

Can also be used in field service work as a problem solver, or added as a final step on all regular pool cleans for that competitive edge.

Dosage Rates

1 Tablet per 50,000 litres



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