Aqua Quip EvoLV LED Light (Niche)


The EvoLV Compact Pipe Light is the ideal choice for both new pool construction and for renovations.

The compact wet-niche allows for versatility in light positioning and is ideal for intricate areas such as steps, benches, swim-outs and shallow water areas – as well as larger pool areas.

The water-cooled light is energy efficient and is supplied with Aqua Quip’s industry-recognised Plug Kit, ensuring simplicity of installation.

Pro Series RGB+W allows multi-colour operation with true Cool White included.

EvoLV can be installed into a dedicated niche – or into 50mm PVC Pressure Pipe.

Features and Specifications
  • Nominal Supply Voltage: 12V AC 50/60 Hz.
  • Diameter: 49mm.
  • Protrusion: 6mm.
  • Suitable for: New Concrete Pools, Spas, Water Features, Catch Tanks
  • Power Consumption Mid-Power: Multi-Colour, Blue, White and Warm White = 6 VA.
  • Power Consumption High-Power: Multi-Colour, Blue, White and Warm White = 12 VA.
  • Dimming: 100% – 70% – 50% – 30% via InstaTouch Controller
  • Light Output Mid-Power: Multi-Colour-245 lm, Blue-75 lm, White-340 lm, Warm White-340 lm.
  • Light Output High-Power: Multi-Colour-470 lm, Blue-135 lm, White-650 lm, Warm White-650 lm.


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