Conductor Hub Bond Point


Bond Point is a testable, single bonding point. It is installed into a project by attaching the clamp to the reinforcing steel prior to the concrete pour.

Once the job is complete and the concrete has cured, the Bond Point housing is cut down to height and the screw and test button is installed to finish the process leaving a small 35mm button.

A single bonding test point can be used in wet areas on slab as well as in a swimming pool zone to enable the electrical potential of the reinforcing steel in that zone to be tested after project completion.

  • Fits to concrete reinforcement steel before pour.
  • Cut housing to final pour height.
  • Provides a convenient and cosmetically improved location for equipotential bond readings.
  • AS/NZS3000:2018 compliant.
  • Allows Contractor/Builder/Certifier/Home Owner to view compliance for equipotential bonding.
  • Suits any slab thickness.
  • Easy to install.
  • Provides a visible inspection and testing point.
  • Connects to steel in four locations.
  • The initial installation can be performed by a licenced contractor so as not to delay construction, with the final commissioning and wire connection to be done by a registered electrician at a later date.
  • No unprotected wires.
  • Adjustable height to suit installation.
  • Installation sticker included for meter box to confirm compliance.
  • Installation Record included for permanent placement in hub for installation continuity.


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