Evobright RC1-SS Remote Control Light Switch


Control indoor and outdoor pool, garden lights, and auxiliary equipment with the Evobright RC1-SS Remote Control Light Switch. Easy installation allows new or existing lighting to be converted to remote functionality. The sunset sensor feature allows the unit to activate automatically and power lighting when the sunlight dims.

With self-learning functionality, the remote handset can be programmed to operate equipment individually or in groups, with up to three program channels available on the remote.

  • Easy Installation – Simple to install and wire, with two hand tensioning terminals.
  • Programmable Remote – Allows up to three channels for grouped or individually controlled equipment.
  • Sunset Sensor – Detects low light levels indicating nightfall, allowing the unit to power on and off automatically with four different run times available (2h, 4h, 6h, 8h).
  • Weather Proof Receiver – Designed to resist weather and the elements while providing long lasting reliability.

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