Evotherm ETI-V Series Heat Pump


The vertical exhaust Evotherm ETI-V is the most practical solution for pool owners with space constraints. The innovative design, with 270° air intake, ensures the heat pump can be installed in almost any application without compromising on performance or operating efficiency.

The Evotherm ETI-V range includes:

  • 13kW ETI 13
  • 20kW ETI 20
  • 26kW ETI 26
  • 35kW ETI 35
  • Vertical Discharge – Vertical fan orientation moves air upwards, and not across pathways, gardens and the pool.
  • Space Conscious Design – 270° air intake, ensures heat pump can be installed in almost any application.
  • Increased Power – The ETI-V Series offers a range of higher-powered models. Capable in demanding residential and light to medium commercial applications.
  • Mitsubishi DC Twin-Rotary Inverter Compressor – Reliable and long-life compressor.
  • Twisted Titanium heat exchanger: Offers 40% more efficient heat transfer than standard heat exchangers.
  • Designed to operate at ambient temperatures as low as -10°C.
  • User-friendly LED touch screen to operate the unit and set pool temperature, schedule timers and change modes.
  • Internal, shielded electronics bay protects sensitive components and circuitry from heat-exchanger condensation and water ingress.
  • Engineering grade ABS and Aluminium enclosure with steel chassis provides long-lasting unit protection in harsh climates.
  • Brushless DC fan operates efficiently with soft-start feature that reduces current spikes and electrical load.
  • The Evotherm ETI-V Series heat pump is controllable entirely by WiFi from your smartphone via the free Smart Life app. Control pool water temperature, on-off schedules and operation modes from anywhere at any time.
  • Industry leading Warranty. 30 years Titanium Heat Exchanger (10 years full, 20 years pro-rata), 6 years Compressor, 2 years Electronics, 1 year In Field.
Product Details

Eco-friendly R32

The refrigerant used in the Evotherm ETI-V Series is safer for the environment. R32 refrigerant has a 30% lower Global Warming Potential rating than traditionally used refrigerants like R410A.

Quiet Operation

The Evotherm ETI-V Series heat pump utilises soft-starting brushless DC electric motors for quiet fan operation. With operation noise levels as low as 42dBA.

LED Control Screen
The Evotherm ETI-V provides complete control through its backlit user-friendly LED control screen, allowing you to easily select operating modes, set temperature, schedule timers, and run diagnostics at a touch.

Soft-Start Feature

Full-inverter control enables soft-starting, stepless operation of the fan and compressor motors, eliminating harsh current spikes and allowing precision control of motor speeds.

COP of Up To 15.6

By utilising a full-inverter, stepless drive system, the ETI-V’s efficient technology can increase the Coefficient of Performance (COP) up to a rating of 15.6.


Brochure  Manual – ETI-V  Manual – ETI-V 35 Questionnaire  Installation

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